Dangerous Waters

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In April 2016 M&M owner Mitchel Miller flew to Singapore to join the crew of the “Dangerous Waters” show. He helped train the crew and repair the Kawasaki jet skis before the riders hit the water to begin filming this years adventure. Look for Mitchel’s smiling face and working hands to appear in the first episode to air late Summer/early Fall 2016…

Below are a few of the diary notes and pictures from early in 2016, follow us on Facebook to see new updates!

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April 6th 2016:
Next Monday M&M Marine owner Mitchel flies out to meet the crew of “Dangerous Waters” in Singapore to help tune up these skis for their longest trip yet – Singapore to Indonesia to Malaysia to Brunei to Philippines to Taiwan to Japan to Russia to Nome, Alaska. As expedition leader Steven Moll explained to the crew, “You are about to embark on the adventure of your life, and it’s ok to be over the top excited!…This crew will be tackling island chains right from the start and following chains of islands all the way to Russia”.

Jet Skis in garage

April 13th 2016
M&M owner Mitchel has joined the “Dangerous Waters” crew in Singapore as they prepare for their longest voyage yet – from Singapore to Alaska. He will be providing much needed repairs to their jet skis before the crew sets out for this trip and training the crew on the most important aspects of maintenance and repair. What an adventure! Check out “Dangerous Waters” on AWE TV or visit their Facebook page for more information!

Crew at Dinner

April 30th 2016:
The crew of the “Dangerous Waters” TV show departed Singapore last week and ran into some technical problems due to the fact their jet skis had been stored in a warehouse in Singapore for the past year. M&M Marine owner Mitchel Miller was called in to help out. After pulling the show’s back up skis out of storage and preparing them for the trip, Mitchel connected with the show’s exporter in Northern California and the skis were shipped out to Tokyo where the crew is headed next. This shipment should get the crew safely back on the waters!

Mitchel with back up jet skis

Mitchel pointing at logo